shipping container popup shop

Launch your popup shop in a shipping container

Sponsored and backed by Shopify, a new podcast provides insight into the day-to-day operations of conceptualising, launching and managing an e-commerce brand.

I picked an episode entitled Launching a store using a shipping container in downtown Toronto which was an interesting tale of an ex-banker and a photographer who launched a furniture business JM & Sons.

The co-founders produced initial designs and items of furniture for friends and family, shortly after ditching the 9-5 day job and going for it full time. Giving themselves 6 months to make or break, the pair purchased and modified a shipping container to create a portable popup shop.

This was based on a seemingly obvious but vital marketing concept: consumers want to touch and see furniture before making a purchase. As an e-commerce startup, the co-founders had to find a way of getting their products in front of an audience – all the while generating local coverage with news and blogs.

So, first impressions of the Shopify Masters podcast are great – now to find my own popup shop concept!


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